Sales and Incentive Compensation

Strategy and Plan Design


Everybody has the best intentions when they design a commission or bonus plan.  You want to maximize performance and minimize risk.  However, it’s easier said than done.  We can bring our many years of experience in sales compensation and incentive plan design to help your organization get to the next level.  We believe that these skills should be available for every size organization.  Fortune 500 organizations shouldn’t be the only ones to deserve this expertise. 

The right incentive compensation plans can do many things:

■  Elevate Sales and Market Share

■  Improve Bottom-Line Performance by Emphasizing the Right Product/Service Sales for Higher Margins

■  Align Executive Leadership Behavior

■  Elevate Customer Satisfaction

■  Boost other Key Performance Indicators such as Accuracy and Efficiency

■  Direct employees to the right activities when management is not available to prioritize

■  Motivate support teams

Compensation Plan Design can be fraught with risks, particularly within sales organizations where the expense can be high and results need to be in sync with the incentives.  We can help design plans that minimize these risks and maximize the right results.

Sales Compensation (Commission) Plan Design and Consulting

  • Bonus Plan Design 
  • Team Incentives
  • Long-Term Incentives
  • Plan Assessment
  • Analytics
  • Executive Compensation



Sales and Incentive Compensation

Strategy and Plan Design


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